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"My thinking is clearer, and I have noticed I learn things much easier" DS Rangiera (Performance Manager)

"My sales went from $50,000 to $120,000 from 1 session with Better Thinking"
Phil (Sales)

"with Michelle Sime, NLP has empowered me to deal with the problem." Julie (Entrepreneur)

"Changes reactions and thinking. It has really helped me."
Melissa (Teacher)

"Surprisingly straightforward" Andrew (Network Engineer)

"Expands options" Patrick (Electrical Engineer)

"Real interesting and quite enlightening."
Grant (Psychologist)

"I feel a lot more calm and at peace." Michelle (Teacher)

"Improved my skills to look thing differently and in a more positive way" Marcelo (Area Manager

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Better Thinking Michelle Sime

Michell Sime will get you to Reach for the sky as a business coach, personal and life coach

About Better Thinking

Better Thinking was established in 2003 by Michelle Sime.
uses NLP and NS based on a solid knowledge of
Psychology and Science to assist people.

Both Business and Life Coaching and Training
is utilised to set and achieve their goals.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) consists of a set of techniques
based on study of world renowned, extremely clever Psychologists and
Psychiatrists who had outstanding results for people.

NeuroSemantics (NS) grew out of NLP, simplifying and excellerating
methods and results.

Introducing Michelle Sime

Michelle Sime, has Bachelor Degrees both Science and Psychology and post grad in Business Research.

She is also an Internationally Certified NeuroSemantics (NS) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner

Her training also includes

Living Wisdom School of Counseling Stages 1 & 2, Neurological Integration Systems, and a

Certificate of Rongoa Appreciation (Traditional Maori Medicines) . She is a Maori Traditional Medicines Practitioner, Tohunga Ariki Matangaro.


I have developed a business model for training which is based around ‘enabling the client to self maintain and only get assistance to make changes when stuck’.

Current general practice in Psychology and Coaching is based on an on-going support model….this makes good sense for the practitioner financially but is at risk of creating co-dependence, making mountains out of mole-hills, and draining the clients resources. This 'on-going support' model relies on a strong foundational belief in clients and practitioners that people do not change (‘that they will do the same as they have done before’). This is a harmful belief. Once people take back control of, and responsibility for their situation they can make the future choices and changes necessary for their continued well-being and success.

It is poor utilisation of the practitioner skill to encourage ongoing support as well as disempowering for the individual. We all need people to speak into our lives from time to time. I recommend Mentors with the specific expertise in the areas of concern and NLP to assist in change and new insight when required. To clarify, 3-5 sessions usually is all that a single area requires. Attending workshops after personal sessions are a way to consolidate the learning. If workshops bring up areas of concern that are private, these can be addressed in personal sessions.

With this in mind, I have developed resources that can be purchased and I have workshops which upskill individuals and groups for ongoing success. The question I ask is ‘how can I reproduce this process so next time it is more economic?’ I look for the best possible utilisation of mine and my clients resources eg Time, Money, Ability, etc

Better Thinking is the embodiment of this principle.

If this principle is one you share, Better Thinking is for you. Arohanui.